Episode 61: News-a-Popping! with Patricia McLinn

Host Patricia McLinn takes on an episode solo to give listeners an update on Author World and an alleged case of plagiarism.

Patricia forgot to say in the podcast that if you want to read the history or follow what’s happening, the hashtag is #copypastecris. If you think you’ve spotted plagiarized work, we hope you’ll contact the original author via his/her website. Remember to look for word-for-word chunks, not ideas, tropes, situations, set-ups, occupations, etc.

Patricia’s blog with tips for spotting scammers:


Courtney Milan’s first blog post on the plagiarism topic:


Another issue with plagiarism on Amazon:


A list of the plagiarized authors and the original, real, true books, with links to buy them:


Nora Roberts, who has fought plagiarism in traditional publishing but also is a supporter of indie authors, has been covering the issue in her Falling Into the Story official blog. Start here: http://fallintothestory.com/plagiarism-then-and-now


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