Episode 83: Historical Inspiration, with Jenny Wheeler

Former newspaper journalist, magazine editor, and company director, author Jenny Wheeler writes historical suspense and mystery. Jenny is currently working on her fifth book of the “Of Gold & Blood” series (Book 1, “Poisoned Legacy,” released 2018) set in Gilded Age California.

Born in New Zealand, Jenny Wheeler grew up in a farming community and fell in love with books and radio dramas. After teaching and being a physics data collector, she joined the New Zealand Herald as a general new reporter. She also wrote for the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly and the Auckland Star.

Jenny also hosts her weekly ‘Joys of Reading’ podcast where she is joined by authors of mystery, suspense, thriller, and romance, answering questions that readers always wanted to ask.

Host Patricia McLinn talks with Jenny about research, exploring history, and crafting stories using her a journalism background.

In Jenny’s words: “I love stories that are semi-based on fact. I guess that’s the journalist (in me) once again; and I really enjoy being able to inject real fact, historical fact, into my stories.” [39:50]

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