Episode 80: Clifton Strengths in Writing, with Becca Syme

Author Becca Syme is the creator and founder of the Better-Faster Academy. She has been teaching the popular Write Better-Faster course on author success alignment for six years, and has individually coached thousands of authors toward better success in their careers and lives.

She believes that an individualized approach is the most effective, so she’s brought on other certified coaches who are also writers, to help coach even more writers to maximize their strengths. If you want to get coaching with Becca, the best place to come is on the Insiders level of her Patreon, where she runs monthly topical coaching calls on topics that are relevant to the writing community.

She also writes mystery as R.L. Syme and has written several genres of romance in the past, including historical, contemporary, paranormal, and romantic suspense. She lives in the snowy mountains of Montana, where it is always winter and never Christmas.

Host Patricia McLinn talks with Becca about the Clifton Strengths test and how it can be applied both in the writing and reading world.

In Becca’s words: “Not everyone naturally comes by the knowledge of just how different we are. Just how different our brains are and how much that makes a difference in what we like.” [8:25]

You can find Becca Syme at:

Her website


Patreon and

Better Faster Academy

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Episode 74: Wish I’d Known Then, with Patricia McLinn

I recently joined Jami Albright and Sara Rosett on their Wish I’d Known Then . . .For Writers podcast to discuss the pros and cons of traditional and indie publishing, how I write my books without outlining, and my tips for BookBub ads. (Look for Jami on my Authors Love Readers podcast next month!)

In the podcast episode, you’ll discover:

* How I learned to trust myself and my writing process instead of trying to write like you’re “supposed to”
* Why learning that we are not our audience is essential to marketing
* Advice on how to get rights back from traditional publishers
* Myths around traditional publishing
* Why it’s key to find readers who are looking for new authors

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