About Authors Love Readers​

This podcast, hosted by USAToday bestselling author Patricia McLinn, is a conversation between authors about how and why they create stories. With questions contributed by readers. Quite a few podcasts are out there for aspiring and established writers, both on the craft and the business.

This podcast, though, is for readers.
The goal is to have authors on the show who write in all sorts of fiction genres. As a reader, it doesn’t matter which path to publication an author takes – independent, traditional, hybrid and other combinations. That’s not going to matter on Authors Love Readers, either.

About your host

Patricia McLinn is the author of more than 45 novels, including two ongoing murder mystery series, Caught Dead in Wyoming and Secret Sleuth. She also writes romances – mostly contemporary, but there are a few historicals, women’s fiction and nonfiction titles. She had 27 books in 25 years in traditional publishing. Having secured the rights back to a number of her earlier books, she began indie publishing in early 2010. That made her officially a hybrid author, since she also still had books under traditional contracts. In mid-2015 she left the final traditional publisher and has been happily 100% independent since.

Patricia has appeared on other book talk podcasts and videos, most recently as a guest on the Boone County Public Library’s podcast featuring innovators and creators in northern Kentucky.: You can view these podcasts on her YouTube Podcasts on Writing channel.

Patricia McLinn appearance on The Joys of Binge Reading – Mad About Wyoming