Episode 60: Don’t Fight the Story, with Laura Durham

North Carolina-based Laura Durham has been writing for as long as she can remember and plotting murders since she began planning weddings. Better Off Wed, inspired by her wedding planner work, won the Agatha Award for Best First Novel. The Annabelle Archer wedding planner mystery series is now up to 12 with the Feb. 4 release of The Truffle With Weddings, which involves a Valentine’s Day wedding and a poisoned box of chocolates.

When Laura isn’t writing or wrangling brides, she loves traveling with her family, paddleboarding, perfecting the perfect brownie recipe, and reading.

Laura talks with host Patricia McLinn about how stories have a mind of their own and, as much as the writer might desire the story to go one place, she or he must heed the story.

In her words: “I feel like when you’re writing and something is stuck, or you feel like you are … sometimes we’re fighting against what needs to happen in the story.” [26:02]

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