Episode 56: Born Loud, with Jennifer Stevenson

Illinois native Jennifer Stevenson is a Chicago-based fantasy and romance author who mixes romantic comedy with magical realist, regional (usually Chicago-set), working-class and sex-positive storytelling. She has published both short stories and several novel series, most of them blending urban fantasy with other popular storytelling genres.

Humor is a hallmark in all of Jennifer’s books. Her fantasy series range from urban romantic fantasy (Hinky Chicago) to paranormal romance (Slacker Demons) to fantasy paired with women’s fiction (Coed Demon Sluts). She’s also penned the contemporary romantic comedy series Backstage Boys and Liars in Love, her most recent releases.

Jennifer co-founded and is a member of the publishing cooperative Book View Cafe.

Jennifer talks with host Patricia McLinn about her self-described “snarky humor,” how she fell in love with romance (despite her parents’ protest), and how she came up with such unique series.

In her own words: “I don’t try to be loud. You have to understand; I was born loud, but I don’t try to be loud.” [30:01]

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