Episode 77: Discovery Writing, a Continuation, with Patricia McLinn

In late May, host Patricia McLinn was a guest on fellow independent author Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn podcast. Joanna writes nonfiction for authors and is an award-nominated, bestselling thriller author as J.F. Penn. She’s also an award-winning podcaster and creative entrepreneur.

In the Creative Penn podcast “Discovery Writing And Sustaining A Long-Term Writing Career With Patricia McLinn,” they discussed discovery writing (a.k.a. pantsing), how to write a novel with structure if you don’t plot in advance, and building a writing career for the long-term. In this Authors Love Readers “Continuation” episode, Patricia reflects on her interview with Joanna about the current trends and the future of the publishing industry, shares more tips for writers, and talks about why she wrote Survival Kit for Writers Who Don’t Write Right.

In Patricia’s words: “I wanted to write the book to encourage writers who don’t write ‘right’ to respect their process, test it against reality, but not to throw it away. You’re given this ability (at least this is the way I feel). I’ve been given this ability and this is the way the stories come to me and I am not going to turn my back on that. I’m not going to refuse those gifts.” [39:15]

For a full Authors Love Readers interview with Patricia and Joanna, check out Episode 54: You Have to First Be a Reader, with J.F. Penn.

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You can also go to Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn podcast site, which includes both the original podcast interview with Patricia and a transcript of the show.

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