Episode 70: Writers at Conferences, with Patricia McLinn

Authors Love Readers host Patricia McLinn, recently returned from her favorite Novelists Inc. annual gathering in Florida, talks about what writers do when they go to conferences. A NINC past president, she has attended all but two of its annual conferences, which provide networking and learning opportunities for multi-published authors of popular fiction. Patricia discusses the business side of writing, what happens when a bunch of socially deprived writers get together in one place and how she found a future podcast topic.

Patricia is a USA Today bestselling author of mystery, romance and women’s fiction known for strong characters, touches of humor, connected stories, and settings that make you want to move in. She wrote 27 books in 25 years in traditional publishing, then began indie publishing in early 2010. In mid-2015, she left her final traditional publisher and has been happily 100% independent since; she has now published more than 50 novels and two nonfiction writers’ guides.

In Patricia’s words: “What do we talk about? Readers! What readers want, how best to communicate with them, how to encourage readers to read our books. … If we can encourage you to actually read these books [already on your readers], then you can determine if we are  — or are not —  a good reader-author match.” [8:28]

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