Episode 34: The Story Is Essential, with Kate Moore

Kate Moore studied English Lit near Boston and returned to her native California to teach generations of high school students (now her Facebook friends), while she not-so-secretly penned romances. In Kate’s stories, an undeniable attraction brings honorable, edgy loners and warm, practical women into a circle of love, from Regency England to contemporary California. Kate is a Golden Heart, Golden Crown and Book Buyers Best award winner and three-time RITA finalist. Host Patricia McLinn talks with Kate about how essential story is to being a person and how she has become more flexible with her writing process.

In Kate’s words: “We read stories all the time. It’s interesting how essential the experience of story is, whether you’re the consumer or the creator, it is so essential to being a person… I can’t imagine not having some connection to story if you’re a human being” (23:42).

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