Episode 43: News and Notes, from Patricia McLinn

Patricia McLinn is a USA Today bestselling author with more than 45 romance, women’s fiction and mystery novels and the creator and host of the Authors Love Readers podcast.

McLinn attended Northwestern University, where she obtained her BA in English Composition in only three years. She continued at Northwestern, obtaining her Masters in Journalism in her fourth year.

After beginning her career in sports journalism, McLinn moved into the field of fiction, publishing her first novel in 1990. McLinn has written for Harlequin Enterprises, Delphi Books and Belle Books, as well as independent e-publishing through A Writer’s Work, and the usual array of commercial outlets. She has spoken about writing from Melbourne, Australia, to Washington, D.C., including being a guest-speaker at the Smithsonian Institution. After 25 years of traditional publishing, Patricia converted to the self-published world in 2015.

In Patricia’s words: “[Having my own e-bookstore] gives me more flexibility and more autonomy to be able to offer books and deals to my reader…and this is why I think lots of authors are doing this.”

You can find Patricia at her:





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