Episode 48: Ideas to Haunt You, with Steven Womack

Author, screenwriter and film school professor Steven Womack began his first novel when he was 18 years old. A short 18 years later, he finally published one. Murphy’s Fault was the only first mystery named to the 1990 New York Times Notable Books List. Since then, he has published 10 more novels, winning Edgar and Shamus awards and multiple nominations with his Harry James Denton mystery series. In 2014, he co-authored with New York-based screenwriter Wayne McDaniel on Resurrection Bay, a mystery based on the real-life story of Alaska serial killer Robert Hansen. His most recent work is the nonfiction short read Why Politics Sucks: With Just A Few Modest Proposals That Might Make It All Suck A Little Less (2016). Host Patricia McLinn talks with Steven about his background as a journalist, why book design matters, and choosing which book ideas to pursue.

In Steven’s words: “It’s usually the ones that haunt you… it’s that one that you can’t stop thinking about. Once it takes up enough of your headspace, it takes over.” [29:17]

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