Episode 53: Growing Into a Writer, with Rebecca Forster

California-based Rebecca Forster started writing novels on a crazy dare. Now she is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author of more than 35 mysteries and thrillers that have been called “Perfect … impossible to put down” by famed law professor Laurie Levenson.

After earning her MBA, Rebecca spent 14 years as a marketing executive before taking the leap to a creative career. A full-time author, speaker and teacher, Rebecca focuses on legal and political thrillers, but is known for bringing an uncommon sense of character and compassion to her work. Her most recent title, Secret Relations (Book 3, Finn O’Brien Thriller Series), released last year.

Rebecca teaches the craft of writing and the cultivation of creativity at programs that have included the acclaimed UCLA Writers Program and as a guest speaker at legal associations, writer’s conferences, women’s symposiums and philanthropic groups.

Rebecca speaks with host Patricia McLinn about how she got into writing, not only the dare but the things in life that got her to say yes and write her first novel.

In her own words [about loving books before writing them]: “I was a really avid reader, and still am, and I just always had a book in my purse [or] in my hand.” [13:50]

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