Episode 75: Ideas vs. Story, with Jami Albright

Born and raised in Texas, Jami Albright is a multiple award-winning author of the Brides on the Run series – fun, sexy, snarky, laugh-out-loud love stories. Her newest novel, the small-town sports romantic comedy Homecoming King, was just released, and she switches from football to tennis for Duke-ing It Out, another enemies-to-lovers rom-com due out in spring 2021.

Jami also is a wife, mother, and an actress/comedian. She used to think she could sing until someone paid her to stop. She took their money and kept on singing. Jami loves her family, all things Outlander, puppies and the Houston Texans pro football team.

Jami talks with host Patricia McLinn about the difference between her high concept ideas and building a story from those ideas.

In Jami’s words: “You only fail if you give up. And so, I’m just not gonna give up” [30:33]

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